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Newsletter - Older Women's League of St. LouisWe are newly located at:
11710 Administration Drive
Suite 6
Maryland Heights, MO 63146
Our phone number is 314-989-0977
Webpage: owlstlouis.com
e-mail address: owlstlouis@sbcglobal.net

Who is OWL?
OWL, the Voice of Mid-life and Older Women, is the only national grassroots organization dedicated to providing a voice for the 58 million American women mid-life and older. OWL, is a nonprofit 501(c3) organization with nearly 5,000 members in 70 chapters nationwide. The local Gateway Chapter, founded in 1985.

The OWL Mission
OWL works boldly through programming and activities:

  • to address the special concerns of Mid-Life and Older Women through advocacy, education and empowerment.
  • to provide mutual support
  • to better economic and social conditions
  • to improve the status and image of mid-life and older women.

The Gateway Chapter of OWL, established in 1981, has been involved in legislative activities leading to the passage of COBRA, insurance payment for mammography, osteoporosis education and managed healthcare reform legislation.

Gateway OWL sponsors the Women’s Divorce on the Horizon seminars, the annual Women of Worth Awards and the Women’s Financial Education Series. More information can be found on each of these services under OWL Services on this website.

OWL provides an informal referral service to the women who contact OWL to discuss their problems. 

All names and addresses collected through donations or attendance at any OWL events and programs are used for OWL communication only. ( newsletters, informative e-mails and invitations to events) They are not shared with any other organziation or persons. If you wish to have your name removed from the list you may contact the OWL organization at any time by e-mail at owlstlouis@sbcglobal.net or call 314-989-0977. All names and addresses are protected by the organization security system.

OWL the Voice of Mid-life and Older Women
11710 Administration Drive Suite 6 Maryland Heights, MO 63146 314.989.0977  owlstlouis@sbcglobal.net